Stitched with Love

5/16/2019 1:16 PM

Stitched with Love

We are pleased to share this video made by and for the Pacific Union Conference.  It  showcases our store and the work we do for our community.  Specifically for the charity Steven's Hope for Children.

This video is only 7 minutes in length.  We hope you will watch and share with others. 

Also, you are invited to participate in our charity outreach. You can attend our Charity Sewing events - usually the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Next one is Sunday, May 19, 2019.  Or, check our calendar for future dates.

We also welcome your handmade items - pillowcases, small quilts and other items that we can send to the charity.  We have several small project instruction sheets should you need inspiration. 

It is always heartwarming to share with others  We hope you will join us!

Click here to watch the video.

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Starts and Stops

3/28/2019 8:37 PM

Starts and Stops

I've just put bindings on 4 quilts this past week.  I realized that I do something to help me with the starts and stops that I want to share with you.   I use a safety pin to hold down my starting end to the quilt (I will begin stitching about 6 inches down from that point).  AND, I add a safety pin about 6 inches away ahead of the binding as a reminder of where to stop stitching when I get there. 

I find that once I put the pedal to the metal, I lose track of everything else - so the pin is my stopping point!    The 6 inches on each side allows me room to do the matching/finishing of the binding ends - - - I have a tip for that as well, but that comes from the "Time to Bind" Class.  So, when you have a quilt top ready for its binding, call us to set up a "Time to Bind" class and show you that in person!  We call it the Magic Triangle.  You will be glad you did!

Oh, I use safety pins, because I don't want to get stuck when moving the quilt top around while sewing on the binding.  I detest pain!   Until later, Happy Stitching!                    Bluebird Janet

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New & Old Projects

2/13/2019 8:32 AM

New & Old Projects

I love starting new projects!  And, yet I have several dozen that have been started and have gone past the “new interest” stage to the “someday I’ll finish” stage.   Well, 2019 is the year to begin to change all that.   

I won’t make a list of the unfinished projects. Reasons being:  There are too many, it can be discouraging, and that takes time away from actually doing projects.  So, my philosophy is simple - - - For every project I start, I must also be working on finishing two other half done projects.   This way I am working on my PhD, Partially Half Done items!   This is rewarding! 

I am keeping a list of the projects I start, and the projects I complete.  As to my tally so far this year -- I have started new 3 projects, completed 6 other projects, for 9 projects total!  So, all is going well and keeps me in a Happy State!

Happy Sewing to one and all!               Bluebird Janet

Project #3 is shown- I am using the Brimfield EPP papers with the Wildflowers fabric collection.

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Sweet Dreams Block of the Month

Join us at Bluebird Quilts & Gallery for a 7-month Block of the Month Program called “Sweet Dreams”. A beautiful romantic feeling quilt where blocks are set on point with sashing and cornerstones.  Definitely a quilt that you can snuggle under for Sweet Dreams!  Quilt size is 75” x 96.”

All blocks are pre-cut, so you open the package and sew!  The blocks are the same each time. You only need to learn to make one block.  The blocks look different because the colors and prints change! 

Start-up fee is $58.  This covers the cost of the pattern and a major portion of the finishing kit.

(This is non-refundable as it is used in purchasing product based on your commitment.)

Monthly fee is $28 to cover:  

Months #1 – 6 for 3 pre-cut blocks each time

Month #7 for the balance of the finishing kit  

It begins in February and ends in August 2018. After paying the start-up fee and the first months block set (available in February), then each set thereafter will be available on the 1st day of each month March 1, 2018 with the final (#7) available August 1, 2018.

Once you register, you are agreeing to continue for the entire program. 

You can pick up your block set anytime during the month.  There is no shipping charge for the start-up fee.  If ordering on-line adjusted shipping charges will apply on monthly shipments.  We will need your phone number to set you up on the auto ship program to help save on your shipping!

We will auto bill each month after the 1st and by the 6th of the month.        

Total Cost for all 18 blocks, sashing strips and cornerstones, borders and binding is $254 + shipping fees if they apply.  

Backing is not included.  You will need 8-3/4 yards (if directional) or 7 yards (non-directional) for backing.  We used the Porcelain fabric line if you wish to get matching fabric for the back.

2019_Full_QuiltReady to snuggle under for "Sweet Dreams!"

Ready to sign-up - click here.

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Charity Sewing benefits Steven's Hope for Children

Bluebird Quilts & Gallery has chosen Steven’s Hope for Children as the focus of our charity efforts.  The charity’s mission is to provide hope for families with seriously ill children in the form of housing  and other essential needs while going through immensely difficult times.  Our support is in the form of cash donations from the sales of our Row by Row 9th Row Kits.  And, the many items made at our monthly free Charity Sewing event and donations from customers.   Quilts, receiving blankets, small bags, zippered pouches, and pillowcases are just a few of the items that find their way into the hands of children throughout the year. Christmas of 2017 we shared dozens and dozens of quilts – stacked high!  While we share the love and warmth of a quilt to a child – we receive even more heartfelt warmth in the process!    Feel free to "warm up" and join us each month – usually the third Sunday of the month! 

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