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Don't Be Shy, Block 29 tells us to Shine!

Block 29 – Twinkle Twinkle.   There have been quite a few star blocks in this quilt.  Today’s star is set to shine with the twinkle effect of the small triangles. 

If you dissect the block into 4 units, you can see that each of the units are exactly the same, just repeated and turned.  So, the assembly of the block is not as challenging as you might think. 

Mix up your colors, just be sure to have a good contrast for your small triangles for it to shine!

Find the pattern link and our block versions here.

Block 29 - Twinkle, Twinkle  

SP-29_resized SPF-29_resized

We are almost done, just one more block to make.  Wow, feeling a sense of accomplishment!  Soon you will be ready to shine with delight for your finished quilt. 

I’m sensing the need to stitch something – so off to my machine.  Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet      

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Being Dated is not all bad, check out Block 28

Block 28 – Groovy Granny.   Granny square quilts are known by the blocks of squares that have been placed “on point” within the block.  Usually, it has a center square and each surrounding set of squares are of different colors/fabrics. However, it can just be random fabric squares – a great stash buster for those scrap quilt lovers!

As a child (without any grandmothers alive for me to observe), I envisioned Grannies as the stereo-typical -- old, slightly hunched lady with gray hair, spectacles, stay-at-home, loving, and sometimes with a cane.  I did not realize that I just described myself minus the cane!  Wow, a reality check for me!  In no way, do I feel that I have become that aged relic like I imagined!  I prefer to be a “Groovy Granny”! 

Here is the pattern link and our block versions.

Block 28 – Groovy Granny  

SP-28_resized SPF-28_resizzed

I have one more EXTRA TREAT and this is for those that like counted cross-stitch.


Just like I thought I might see at “Grannies House” is a sampler type stitch design.  Thanks to Moda designer Brenda Riddle who brings us this project.  Click here on “Pink Band Sampler”.  

The years and the mirror have changed my viewpoint of a “granny”.  It is about how you feel inside!  I’ll be stitching today with upbeat music.  Choose bright happy colors and let this be your Groovy Granny block!  

Get in the Groove with Happy Stitching!

Bluebird Janet      

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Reach Onward and Upward with Block 27

Block 27 – Give Me Wings.   These “birds” have colorful wings! I see the birds hovering around a central object – perhaps, it could be the bird bath, but more likely the hummingbird feeder. It is known that hummingbirds are very territorial.  Throughout the day, I see one hummer sit and wait, then chase away others around our feeder.  Yet, I am always amazed that as the day ends and the sun is setting, the aggressiveness is gone and this champion allows others to feed at the same time. 

Wings allow us to fly (unless you’re an ostrich), and you will find that you can fly through making this block.  Isn’t it great that near the end of our project the blocks seem easier?

Here is the pattern link and our block versions.

Block 27 – Give Me Wings 

SP-27_resized SPF-27_resized

I am ready to fly to my machine for my daily dose of stitching.  I wonder though, why we can’t be more like the hummingbirds?  We have our daily tasks, but at days end - we realize that we all need to gather and share. Nature is a good teacher! 

May your day’s flight plan include some happy stitching as you press on and continue upward with your quilt!

Bluebird Janet   

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Location, Location, Location with Block 26

Block 26 – City Girl.   The title here reminds me of my mother.  She was a City Girl in that she lived in Brooklyn and had to commute (by subway, of course) to downtown New York for her job.  The mass of buildings on the city blocks appear to be represented here with the 9-patch center.  The points remind me that she sparkled with her fashion sense that can be seen so often in the fashion minded New York City.  

A straightforward block that gives us a chance to sparkle on our own. 

Find the pattern link and our block versions here:

Block 26 – City Girl   

SP-26_resized SPF-26_resized 

How are you doing with your Stitch Pink Quilt?  If you haven’t been able to piece everyday, no worries!  Just be sure to download or print out the patterns to have for later. 

And today is another EXTRA TREAT, this time for those that enjoy embroidery.


This would have been appropriate with block 12 – House on a Hill.  Yet, I think it is perfect here, as I think about my mother.  She left the city and moved across the country, to have a home with a garden and raise a family.  Anne Sutton of Bunny Hills Designs brings us this adorable pattern.  Click here on “Sweet Meadow”.    

I just might use this as the label on the back of my Stitch Pink Quilt.  I better start tracing, so I can stitch it up in time for the finish of my quilt. 

Life can be fast paced like in the city, but it is okay to take the time you need – just sparkle while you enjoy the stitching! 

Bluebird Janet      

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Time to Look Below with Block 25

Block 25 – Underground.  I see arrows pointing down to something below.  I also see the outline of house-shaped units.   Is there something there we should be looking at or looking for? 

I am thinking of the foundation – which is underground.  The start of a building comes with the foundation being laid.   Same with quilting.  The start of a project is the foundation or skills to begin the construction.  Revisiting the basics on piecing, cutting and sewing is never a waste of time – it reinforces learned behaviors and strengthens them.  

When was the last time you checked your scant 1/4” seam?  Have you recently changed your rotary blade for smooth cuts of fabric?  Are your rulers losing theirs marks, or your rotary mat dry and worn out? 

I recently heard that you can spray water on your cutting mat at the end of the day, and allow the mat to soak up the water overnight.  I’ve added this to my routine, maybe once every two weeks and am amazed at how much better the mat feels the next morning.  Try it.

Back to our current project, here is the pattern link and our block versions:

Block 25 – Underground 

SP-25_resized SPF-25_resized

Another EXTRA TREAT for those that enjoy counted cross stitch.


Find the pattern for this pincushion by Moda designer Susan Ache by clicking here on “Stamped Heart”.    

I just realized that it has been over a year since I last changed my rotary blade, so I’m off to do so, and then on to more cutting and sewing.  Have a piece-filled day . . . Happy Stitching.

Bluebird Janet   

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